TNPSC Jailor Assistant Jailor Syllabus
TNPSC Jailor Assistant Jailor Syllabus


Title: Detailed TNPSC Jailor And Assistant Jailor Examination Syllabus

Name of OrganisationTamil Nadu Public Service Commission
Name of PostsJailor And Assistant Jailor
Official Website
Recruitment DetailsTamil Nadu Public Service Commission Jailor And Assistant Jailor
Type of TestObjective Type
Test ModeOnline (Computer Based Test – CBT)

Detailed TNPSC Jailor And Assistant Jailor Examination Exam Pattern

Main Written Examination: (Objective Type) (Degree Standard)

Paper-I: 300 marks/ 200 items / 3 hours on the following headings ( detailed syllabus available in the Commission’s website)

1. Constitution and Human Rights
2. Administration of Union and States with special reference to Tamil Nadu
3. Socio-Economic issues in India / Tamil Nadu.
4. Current issues at National Level
5. Current issues at State Level

Main Written Examination: (Objective Type) (Degree Standard)

Paper – II : 200 items / 300 marks / 3 hours.

1. General Studies75 items
2. Aptitude & Mental Ability Test25 items
3. General Tamil / General English (SSLC Standard)100 items
Total200 items
Total Marks600 Marks
Interview & Record80 marks
Total Marks600 + 80 = 680

Minimum Qualifying marks:

OC                     –             272
Other than OC   –             204

Detailed TNPSC Jailor And Assistant Jailor Examination Syllabus



I. Constitution & Human Rights

A) Historical Background ‐ Making of the Constitution – Salient features of the Constitution – Preamble of the Constitution – Union and its Territory – Citizenship – Fundamental Rights ‐ Directive Principles of State Policy – Fundamental Duties ‐ Amendment of the Constitution ‐ Basic Structure of the Constitution

B) Concept of Human Rights ‐ Human rights and disability – Human rights Juvenile reformatory institutions – Human rights and crimes against women – Human rights and scheduled castes and reservations – Human rights and gender or castes equality – Human rights and child prostitution ‐ Human rights and child exploitation – Human rights and right to freedom of speech and expression ‐ Human rights and democracy – Human rights and freedom of religion – Voting human rights of prisoners ‐ Role of the police VIS‐À‐VIS universal declaration of human rights ‐ Human rights and role of criminal courts ‐ Human rights and death, torture in police lock‐up – Human rights of prisoners in Jail ‐ Human rights and judiciary – Human rights and right of Bail ‐ The protection of civil rights act, 1955.

II. Administration of Union and States with special reference to Tamil Nadu

State government organization ‐ structure, functions and control mechanism ‐ District administration ‐‐ role in people’s welfare oriented programmes ‐Industrial map of Tamil Nadu ‐‐ role of state government ‐ Public Services ‐‐ role of recruitment agencies ‐ State finance ‐ resources, budget and financial administration ‐Use of IT in administration ‐ e‐governance in the State – Natural calamities ‐ Disaster Management Union and State ‐ Social welfare – Government sponsored schemes with reference to Tamil Nadu – Relationship between State and Union – Industrial map of India – Public Services – role of recruitment agencies in Union Government ‐ Social welfare ‐ government sponsored schemes by Government of India.

III. Socio – Economic Issues in India /Tamil Nadu

Population Explosion ‐ Unemployment issues in India & Tamil Nadu ‐ Child Labour ‐ Economic Issues (a) Poverty (b) Sanitation‐ Rural and Urban (c) Corruption in public life ‐ Anti ‐Corruption measures ‐ CVC, Lok‐adalats, Ombudsman, CAG – Illiteracy ‐ Women Empowerment ‐ Role of the Government in Women Empowerment ‐ Social injustice to womenfolk ‐ Domestic violence, dowry menace, sexual assault – Impact of violence on the growth of the nation – Religious Violence ‐ Terrorism and Communal violence ‐ Human rights issues ‐ Right to information – Central and State Commission – Education – Linkage between Education and Economic Growth ‐ Community Development Programme – Employment Guarantee Scheme ‐ Self Employment and Entrepreneurship Development ‐ Role of N.G.O’s in Social Welfare – Govt. Policy on Health

IV. Current issues at National level
V. Current issues at state level


Unit‐I General science :

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Botany
  • Zoology

Unit‐II. Current Events

  • History
  • Political Science
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Science

Unit III. Geography

Unit IV. History and culture of India







1. Match the following words and Phrases given in Column A with their meanings in Column B.
2.Choose the correct ‘Synonyms’ for the underlined word from the options given
3. Choose the correct ‘Antonyms’ for the underlined word from the options given 4. Select the correct word (Prefix, Suffix)
5. Fill in the blanks with suitable Article
6. Fill in the blanks with suitable Preposition
7. Select the correct Question Tag
8. Select the correct Tense 9. Select the correct Voice
10. Fill in the blanks (Infinitive, Gerund, Participle)
11. Identify the sentence pattern of the following sentence (Subject, Verb, Object….) Blanks with correct ‘Homophones’
12. Find out the Error (Articles, Prepositions, Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb)
13. Comprehension
14. Select the correct sentence
15. Find out the odd words (Verb, Noun, Adjective, Adverb)
16. Select the correct Plural forms
17. Identify the sentence (Simple, Compound, Complex Sentense)
18. Identify the correct Degree.
19.Form a new word by blending the words.
20.Form compound words (Eg: Noun+Verb, Gerund+Noun)


1. Figures of speech observed in the following Poems
2. Appreciation Questions from Poetry
3.Important lines from Poems
4.Questions on the Biography of
5.Questions on Shakespeare’s
6.Questions from Oscar Wilde’s
7.Dr.Karl Paulnack
8.Comprehension Questions from the following Motivational Essays
9.Comprehension Questions from the following description of Places
10.British English – American English

Authors and their Literary Works

1.Match the Poems with the Poets
2.Which Nationality the story belongs to
3.Identify the Author with the short story
4.Whose Auto biography / Biography is this
5.Which Nationality the Poet belongs to
6.Characters, Quotes, Important Lines from the following works of Indian Authors
7.Drama Famous lines, characters, quotes from
8.Match the Places, Poet, Dramatist, Painter with suitable option
9. Match the following Folk Arts with the Indian State / Country
10. Match the Author with the Relevant Title/Character
11. Match the Characters with Relevant Story Title
12. About the Poets
13. About the Dramatists
14. Mention the Poem in which these lines occur
15. Various works of the following Authors
16. What is the theme observed in the Literary works
17. Famous Quotes – Who said this
18. To Which period the Poets belong
19. Matching the Poets and Poems
20. Nature centered Literary works and Global issue Environment and Conservation

We have provided the TNPSC Jailor And Assistant Jailor Examination Exam Syllabus in the form of pdf. Also, we have mentioned the direct link to download the TNPSC Jailor And Assistant Jailor Examination Pdf by using the below link at free of cost.

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