SSC CGL Maths Syllabus
SSC CGL Maths Syllabus


SSC CGL Maths Exam Pattern

Subject nameQuantitative Aptitude
Number of questions25
Total number of marks50
Negative marking0.5 marks for each wrong answer

SSC CGL Maths Syllabus for Tier-I:

Simplification: 1-2 Qs
Questions on BODMAS Rule, Fractions, Surds, and Indices, etc.
Interest: 1-2 Qs
Problems with Simple, Compound Interests and Installments
Percentage: 0-1 Qs
Calculation-oriented basic Percentage Problems
Ratio and Proportion: 1-2 Qs
Problems with Simple, Compound Ratios and Direct/Indirect Proportions
Average: 0-1 Qs
Problems on Average, Weight/Height/Marks, etc.
Problems on Ages: 0-1 Qs
Basic Problems on Ages
Speed Time and Distance: 1-2 Qs
Problems with Average/Relative speeds, Boats, Trains, etc.
Profit and Loss: 1-2 Qs
Problems with Profit/Loss, Dishonest/Successive dealings, Partnerships, etc.
Number Series: 0-1 Qs
Moderate to difficult problems in completing the series, Finding Missing/Wrong Term
Number System: 1-2 Qs
Moderate problems on LCM & HCF, Irrational or Rational Numbers, Proper steps should be followed to solve irrational to rational numbers
Mensuration: 2-3 Qs
Problems on Plane Figures such as Square, Rectangle, Circles, Cone, Cylinder etc.
Data Interpretation: 0-3 Qs
Problems on Bar/Line Graphs, Pie Charts, Tables etc.
Time and Work: 1-2 Qs
Problems on Work efficiency, Wages and Pipes etc.
Mixture problems: 0-1 Qs
To Make A Mixture from Two or More Entities/Mixtures
Algebra: 2-3 Qs
Basic Linear Equations in one or two variables, Quadratic & Algebraic Identities are important. Remember all the identities
Geometry: 3-4 Qs
Problems related to Triangles congruency, Similarity theorems, Circle chords & tangent theorems, Co-ordinate geometry etc. Remember all the theorems.
Trigonometry: 2-3 Qs
Problems based on Trigonometric ratios and Identities, Height and Distance etc.

SSC CGL Maths Syllabus for Tier-II:

Simplification: 3-6 Questions
BODMAS Rule, Approximation, Decimals, Fractions, Surds & Indices, Percentages etc.
Number Series: 0-2 Questions
Complete the Series, Find the Missing Term, Find the Wrong Term etc.
Number System: 6-8 Questions
Divisibility & Remainder, Multiples & Factors, Integers, LCM & HCF.
Algebra: 5-9 Questions
Questions on Identities and Functions, Linear Equations in One and Two or more Variables.
Averages: 5-6 Questions
Average Weight/ Height/Age/Marks, Average Money Expenditure, Average Temperature, etc. But the concept remains simple. We have to use a single formula i.e. Average = Sum of Quantities/Number of Quantities
Percentages: 1-4 Questions
Calculation-oriented basic percentage.
Ratio & Proportion: 1-6 Questions
Simple Ratios, Compound Ratios, Componendo and Dividend, Direct & Indirect Proportions.
Interest: 4-5 Questions
Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Mixed Interest, Installments.
Profit & Loss: 9-14 Questions
Successive Selling type questions, Partnerships, Discount & MP, Dishonest Dealings, Sales Tax, and Mixture Problems.
Time & Work: 6-7 Questions
Work Efficiency, Work & Wages, Pipes & Cisterns, etc.
Time, Speed & Distance: 4-6 Questions
Relative Speed, Average Speed, Problems on Train, Boat & Stream.
Mensuration: 10-13 Questions
Area/Volume of Square, Rectangle, Trapezium, Parallelogram, Rhombus, Circle, Semicircle, Triangle, Cone, Cylinder, Cube, Cuboid. Also, Moulding from one shape to another, etc.
Geometry: 12-18 Questions
Lines and Angles, Triangles (Centres, Congruence, Similarity), Circles (Chords, Tangents, Segments), Quadrilaterals, Coordinate Geometry (Graphical representation of straight lines and Applications based on Coordinate Systems)
Trigonometry: 7-10 Questions
Trigonometric Ratios and Identities, Maximum and Minimum Values of Trigonometric functions, Circular Measures of Angles, Heights and Distances
Data Interpretation: 5-7 Questions
Line Graphs, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Tables, Miscellaneous Infographics, Missing Data Type Caselets.
Mixtures & Alligations: 1-4 Questions
A mixture of two or more entities/ mixtures, dishonest dealings.

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