NSG Full Form, Everything About NSG
NSG Full Form, Everything About NSG


NSG Full Form

NSG Full Form: NSG stands for the National Security Guard, they are the deadliest and supersmart commandos and definitely are the pride of India. they adorn the country with their supreme bravery and spirit and hence are adept at countering Terrorism, it works under the Ministry Of Home Affairs (MHA).

National Security Guard (NSG) is a specialist force to tackle terror activities in any part of the country. It’s world-Class “Zero Error Force”. The NSG is served by the officers/personnel from the Central Armed Police Forces, Indian Army and State Police Forces.

We often see ‘Black Cat Commandos’ deployed in the security of VIPs that are apart from Army personnel. These are the National Security Guard (NSG) personnel, the toughest soldiers selected through the toughest of processes.

NSG – Motto

The Deadly Force has always come victorious and is afraid of no obstacle making their motto 100% significant which says ‘Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha‘.(omnipresent omnipotent security), and Black Cats have shown us many Times in History that they are Invincible

NSG History

It was the year 1984, the insurgency was prevailing in-country, the demand for Khalistan was high and Operation Blue Star was in action, there was collateral damage to the Golden Temple and the country saw several military and civilian casualties, looking at the conditions which were worsening, the NSG was established  .and since then it is actively guarding the areas of prime concern.

Some Important Operations of NSG

Operation Black Thunder: The golden temple was cleared and handed over to the police without any casualties

Operation Black Hawk: Executed in the Mand area of Punjab. In this operation, two terrorists were killed

Operation Ashwamedh: A hijacked plane was rescued in Amritsar airport and the hijackers were killed.

Operation Black Tornado and Operation Cyclone: To capture terrorists and save hostages during Mumbai attacks

NSG Organization

The head of NSG, designated as Director General (DG), is selected by the MHA-Home Minister.

Since its raising in 1984, the NSG has had 28 DGs, in 31 years, with an average tenure of one year and a few months. According to the NSG website, it is modelled on the British Special Air Service as well as Germany’s GSG 9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9 or “Border Guard Group 9”).

SAG: Special Action Group. There are 2 Special Action Groups – 51 and 52 SAGs.

SRG: Special Rangers Group. There are 3 Special Ranger Groups (SRG) – 11,12 and 13.

SCG: Special Composite Group. It has 5 regional hubs.

ECG: Electronic Support Group. The electronic support group stationed at Manesar provides communication and technological support.


What is the full form of NSG?

National Security Guard is the full form of NSG.

What is the full form of NSG in Hindi?

राष्ट्रीय सुरक्षा गार्ड is the full form of NSG in Hindi

Is NSG part of the Indian Army?

The National Security Guard is a special unit of the Indian Special Forces under the Ministry of Home Affairs

What is the qualification for NSG?

A minimum of 3 yrs in the Indian Army & 5 yrs in case of Police service Experience is necessary. A candidate must have to be below 35 years of age to qualify for NSG.

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