Maharashtra Soil Department Water Conservation Officer Syllabus
Maharashtra Soil Department Water Conservation Officer Syllabus


Maharashtra Soil Dept Exam Pattern

SI.NoBackgroundName of the TopicsTotal Marks
1Non-Engineering BackgroundAgriculture100
4Engineering BackgroundAgriculture Engineering100
5Civil Engineering100
6Environmental Engineering 100

Maharashtra Soil Dept Syllabus

Non-Engineering Background

Syllabus For Agriculture:

  • Animals and humans
  • Physical and social environment as factors of crop distribution and production.
  • cropping patterns as indicators of environments.
  • Environmental pollution and associated hazards to crops,
  • Agroecology
  • Cropping patterns in different agro-climatic zones of the country.
  • Impact of high-yielding and short-duration varieties on shifts in cropping patterns.
  • Concepts of various cropping and farming systems.
  • Ecology and its relevance to man, natural resources, their sustainable management, and conservation.

Syllabus For Horticulture:

  • Floriculture & Landscape gardening
  • Growth and Development of Horticultural Crops
  • Propagation of horticultural crops
  • Fundamentals of Horticulture
  • Management Techniques for horticultural crops
  • Production technology of fruit crops
  • Production technology of vegetable crops

Syllabus For Forestry:

  • Forest Soils, Soil Conservation, and Watershed management:
  • Silviculture – General
  • Silviculture of Trees
  • Forest Management and Management Systems:
  • Surveying and Forest Engineering: Forest surveying
  • Environmental Conservation and Biodiversity :
  • Tree Improvement and Seed Technology:
  • Agroforestry, Social Forestry, Joint Forest Management, and Tribology:
  • Silviculture – Systems:

Engineering Background

Syllabus For Agriculture

  • Agricultural Process Engineering
  • Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing
  • Agricultural Structures
  • Instrumentation and computer applications in Agricultural Engineering
  • Soil and Water Conservation:
  • Farm Power and Machinery
  • Agro-energy
  • Irrigation and Drainage

Syllabus For Civil engineering

  • Design of Concrete and Masonry Structures.
  • Concreting Equipment:
  • Construction, Planning, and Management:
  • Water Resources Engineering.
  • Solid Mechanics.
  • Structural Analysis
  • Conservation Practice, Planning, and Management
  • PERT Network:
  • Building Materials.
  • Pert Network
  • Fluid Mechanics, Open Channel,  Flow, Pipe Flow.
  • Hydraulics ‘Machines and Hydropower.
  • Hydrology.
  • Design of Steel Structures.
  • Earthwork Equipment:

Syllabus For Environmental Engineering

  • Solid Waste Engineering
  • Solid Waste Management.
  • Air and Noise Pollution and Ecology.
  • Transportation Engineering.
  • Water Supply Engineering.
  • Soil Mechanics.
  • Founding Engineering.
  • Surveying.
  • Water Waste Engineering

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