Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC)
Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC)


The Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited is a joint venture company between the Government of India and the Government of Gujarat responsible for the implementation and operation of the Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar metro rail systems.

Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC)

Working at GMRC would likely involve working on the planning, construction, and operation of metro rail systems in Gujarat. Positions at GMRC may include roles in engineering, project management, operations, finance, and more.

Career opportunities at Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited may include roles in engineering, project management, operations, finance, and more. Some specific examples of positions that may be available include:

  • Civil Engineer: Responsible for designing and supervising the construction of metro rail infrastructure such as tracks, stations, and bridges.
  • Electrical Engineer: Responsible for designing and supervising the installation of electrical systems such as power supply, traction, and signaling.
  • Project Manager: Responsible for planning, coordinating, and overseeing the construction of metro rail projects.
  • Operations Manager: Responsible for planning and supervising the operation of metro rail services, including train schedules and passenger safety.
  • Financial Analyst: Responsible for analyzing financial data and providing recommendations to management on financial matters such as budgeting and investment decisions.


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Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Syllabus

Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Jobs